CentOS Stream 9 is going to be very different from Stream 8 — and it’s way more than updated packages.

Start with CentOS.org’s page dedicated to Stream 9. With Stream 9, a whole new contribution model is at the center of the project. Developers who don’t work for Red Hat will be able to write and submit code for Stream 9, and that code — if accepted — will eventually make it into Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I don’t know exactly how this works, but I suspect we’ll all see more as Stream 9 starts picking up steam.

There is a link to the CentOS Stream Contributor’s Guide, which should be required reading for me, all the better for me to actually know what I’m talking about.

Also notable is a short but significant list of Stream contributions made by community members.

I hope this Stream 9 page continues to be updated. I plan to bookmark and return to it.

In very much related news, the CentOS Community Newsletter for December just came out.